"Accidental Billionaires" Author Ben Mezrich Reveals "Sex on the Moon" [Video]

Ben Mezrich Speaking at DOMAINfest about Sex on the Moon Ben Mezrich, author of the “Accidental Billionaires”, spoke publicly about “Sex on the Moon”, his next book, for the first time at DOMAINfest. Ben’s “Accidental Billionaires” book is the basis of the movie “The Social Network”, a movie about Facebook which is up for 8 Oscars this year. “Sex on the Moon” is about another genius college student who stole the most valuable object in the world from NASA, a story which NASA kept under wraps.

“This is actually the first time I spoken about it…we kept it a secret as long as possible because NASA is not thrilled about it… but I figured if I dealt with Facebook, I can deal with NASA” Ben explained.

Ben says the talented team behind “The Social Network” will also be collaborating to make the movie version of “Sex on the Moon”.

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, producers Scott Rudin, Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti, executive producer Kevin Spacey, and movie studio Sony Pictures will reunite to do the movie.

Our video shows Ben talking about the book and the entertaining story behind it, but here is a summary of the real story behind “Sex on the Moon”.

“Sex on The Moon” – Storyline

True Story: A future astronaut fell in love with 19 year old girl and did something crazy to impress her. He stole a safe containing NASA’s moonrocks from every lunar landing in history, a collection of objects worth 500 billion dollars. He spread the moonrocks on his bed and had “sex on the moon” with his girlfriend (hence the title of Ben’s book). Now that is romantic.

Moonrock Joke

Only the US has moonrocks, and the President gives them as gifts to visiting heads of state. “Just keep that image in mind (of sex on the moonrocks) the next time President Obama says to the head of the Russian Federation ‘Here’s your moonrock'” quipped Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of Oversee.net (interviewer in video). This brought the house down, so the new movie should have plenty of comedy as well as drama – just like “The Social Network.”

Scripter Awards

In a final bit of news, Aaron Sorkin and Ben Mezrich are up for a Scripter Award tomorrow, February 4th. Ben told me that the Scripter is the only award given which honors together both the book author and the screenwriter who adapted the book into a film. Ben seems excited about it, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for “The Social Network” – both at the Scripters AND at the Oscars!