Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush Donates $5,000 For A Tweet From Justin Bieber

He’s the second most followed person on Twitter, and Justin Bieber’s influence is nothing to sneeze at. And Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush of all people should know: he paid $5,000 for a single tweet from Bieber, getting more than 20,000 new followers in return.

Despite the high price tag, I think Bush got a great deal. Not only was he able to support a good cause, he amassed 20,000 new followers in a matter of days.

In an interview he did with the Biebs, Bush pointedly asked the singer to endorse him on Twitter with a “follow @BillyBush” tweet.

Bush offered to donate $5,000 to a charity of Bieber’s choice in exchange for the endorsement.

Bieber agreed, asking Bush to donate the money to his local food bank in Stratford, Ontario. And, right there during the interview, Bieber sent out the 20,000+ follower tweet.

Using his iPhone, Bieber penned the following 140-characters for Bush:

“With @billybush doing an interview follow him hes a good guy!”

And that’s all it took to rocket Bush from 80,000 followers to over 100,000.

Bieber sent the fateful tweet on October 26th, and within four days Bush broke his 100,000 follower mark. It probably didn’t hurt that Bush flattered all of Bieber’s faithful #Beliebers several times, but the bulk of those followers no doubt came straight from Bieber’s account.

Bieber is in second place in terms of the number of Twitter followers. He has just over 14 million, and is behind only Lady Gaga who boasts more than 15 million followers.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes segment where Bieber sends the tweet in the video below: