Access Blocked Myspace, Facebook,Bebo From School or Work

I’m still receiving questions how to access blocked social network sites like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut or Bebo etc. Looks like school IT administrators doesn’t like social networking at all and are closing access to these sites. However there always are some things to broke the rules.

1. First thing to do is to try using some of free web proxy sites like If you are using these proxy sites you just need to enter the url in the address field on the site. After that you will surf the web using the site host IP address. As the new IP address is different you now can surf the web anonymously and visit blocked sites. To find the free web proxy sites you can use this proxy directory.

2. Use Google – this means that you can surf blocked websites using Google services. For example you can use – entering your interested URL you get this page you are surfing it thought Google and at the same time the school or work block filter isn’t more effective.