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Where will you be watching tonight’s Indiana/North Carolina primary results? We’ve asked all sorts of journos for their evening plans and they include a treadmill, Randy Newman’s “Lousiana 1927”, texting messaging a girlfriend, Jakarta and, of course, lots and lots of alcohol.

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Also: For your TV watching pleasure, TVNewser has a great roundup of coverage plans (and Mark Halperin predicts what all the pundits will say).

Sam Feist, CNN Political Director:

    I’ll be watching from the nerve center of the CNN Election Center – an undisclosed location deep inside the bowels of the Time Warner Center. This is where the Best Political Team on Television has gathered for the evening. From our perch, not only do we have access to John King’s magic wall and Wolf Blitzer’s giant pie charts, but we can also keep close tabs on our friends and competitors and their ‘walls’. Because at the end of the day, election coverage is all about the walls, isn’t it?

WJLA’s Pamela Brown:

    Unfortunately I’ll be on a bus heading back from new York tonight….

WashingtonPost.com’s Ed O’Keefe:

    Nothing too exciting for me, I’m just expertly placed this week. I’m at the University of North Carolina for a conference and snuck over to Bill Clinton’s last NC rally last night in Raleigh. I’ll be in workshops all night, keeping one eye on our exit poll data.

American Urban Radio’s April Ryan:

    I wll be at home watching results between wiping allergy affected eyes and putting kids to bed .

The Onion’s Chris Mincher:

    I’ve shortened Barack Obama’s campaign for change and hope into an easier-to-understand one-word platform:


    As in, “A vote for Obama is a vote for chope.”

    As such, I’ll be choping a little myself tonight on the couch – watching with the “hope” Obama wins them both early so I can “change”
    the channel to something else and not have to watch any of it any more.

Senior White House correspondent Joseph Curl:

    I’ll be in Raleigh, N.C., at the Obama post-primary party, but just as a spectator, having covered Sen. John McCain’s speech nearby in Winston-Salem. No frequent-flyer miles on this trip, but a hefty expense check is coming my way at 35 cents a mile!

WashingtonPost.com’s Chris Cillizza:

    Sitting at my desk, listening to “Louisiana 1927” by Randy Newman and waiting for the polls to close.

Hotline Senior Editor Nora McAlvanah:

    I’ll be working. Or, more specifically—blogging for “On Call,” marveling at the visual imagery that is John King and His Toys, and sending out various “I told you so” e-mails as the results come in.

Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg:

    Uh, does that come on before or after Game 1 of Celtics-Cavaliers?

C-SPAN’s Steve Scully:

    After finishing our live coverage from Indiana and North Carolina,
    C-SPAN’s political unit is going to have a viewing party tonight.
    Not a re-air of the speeches, but instead we’ll all be watching Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day,” so we can get ready for the rest of the May primaries 🙂

Washington City Paper Senior Writer Jason Cherkis:

    I will not be watching the returns. I won’t miss the pundits noting
    that this is a referendum on Rev. Wright or the Gas Tax or the Bubba
    Vote. But I will be checking the returns via timely text messages
    from my girlfriend.

Wonkette Associate Editor Jim Newell:

    I will be watching the election returns on my couch at home, a mere 10 feet from the refrigerator, in which I’ve stocked inappropriate levels of gin, rum, and beer. In other words, I have to go buy red wine at some point today.

Time magazine’s Jay Newton-Small:

    I’ll be fast asleep in Jakarta.

Politico’s Mike Allen:

    I’ll be watching the returns from one of President Clinton’s 23 evening events.

NBC News’ Norah O’Donnell:

    I’ll be in New York watching and reporting the exit polls from our virtual green room on studio 3K.

CBN News’ David Brody:

    I will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I was be “clinging” to chips and salsa.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review political reporter Salena Zito:

    I’ll be watching returns in the back of a pick-up truck somewhere between Indiana and North Carolina with a quadruple espresso (twist of lime) lap top, cell phone and blackberry at my side, listening to an endless loop of John Mellencamp singing “This is my country.”

    After all of the votes are counted I am going all-night bowling with a bottle of Crown Royale by my side.

Cox Newspaper’s Ken Herman:

    Cox Newspapers Washington Bureau is deployed to Indianapolis and Raleigh for tonight’s round 15 of a scheduled 12-rounder.

    Scott Shepard in Indy. Ken Herman in Raleigh.

    Anyone want to get into a pool on which comes first: Stanley Cup awarded, NBA championship decided, lasting and durable world peace breaks out, Democrats pick a presidential candidate.

ABC News’ Ann Compton:

    It’s Groundhog Day! I’m in another Clinton ballroom, this time Indianapolis, with pundits forecasting this is do or die. And once again, the candidate will make what she trusts will be a victory statement, then fly home to sleep in her own bed in Washington.

Yoga master, occasional Wonkette contributor Liz Glover:

    i didn’t get to celebrate cinqo de mayo yesterday so i have some catching up to do. i’ll be watching from the bar at guapo’s drinking a salty margarita or 3. so delicious after a sweaty yoga class!

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz:

    I will be on the treadmill as soon as the polls close—watching while I run. It helps with all the excitement! And if there is no prediction…and it looks like a long night…time to open the wine.

White House Chronicle Executive Producer and Host Llewellyn King:

    I’m trying to guess at the banalities that lie ahead on TV and to mint a few of my own for Friday. In truth, I will be doing this on an aeroplane flying from Chicago.

National Review Online editor Kathryn Lopez:

    I’ll be watching from a New York City right-wing bunker, hypnotized by John King’s Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall; Fox News is banned from my family-friendly filter, I’m boycotting MSNBC because Keith Olbermann refuses to acknowledge me as the worst person in the world.

XM POTUS 08′ Program Director/Anchor Joe Mathieu:

    I’ll be anchoring special primary coverage tonight on POTUS ’08, but I will keep an eye on the major networks. In XM’s “Talk 5” studio, we have 6 flat screen TVs with the standard configuration of sets tuned to CSPAN, CSPAN-2, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC and CNN Headline News (just to keep track of the latest celeb scandals and LA car chases).

“Meet the Press” Executive Producer Betsy Fischer:

    Working from nbc/msnbc election headquarters at 30 rock.

US News’ (and “White House Ghosts” author) Robert Schlesinger:

    I will watch amid the wreckage of my under-renovation home … and will probably be too tired to blog about it on Huffington Post or Robert Emmet.

Glamocracy’s Megan Carpentier:

    I’ll be watching election returns from the inside of a bottle of Petite Sirah on my sofa, and blogging the results. It’ll be like how I spend most days blogging, only with less coffee and cleaner pajamas so that I feel fancy.

BizBash CEO David Adler:

    As CEO of Bizbash, the trade media for the event industry, I am going to be watching the results with my staff of reporters who will be judging who has the best victory party (we care about those things). How are they doing the confetti drop if they do that? What is the music like? The Staging? The Drama? The Signage? How do the losers keep up a good face with all the balloons…… Their celebration style has an impact of how things will happen for the next four years if they become the president….

Margaret Carlson, columnist, Bloomberg News and Washington editor, The Week magazine:

    strapped to desk eating bloomberg cuisine (which is decidedly not Bloomberg party cuisine, think ziti, warmed over) taking a shot everytime I write a cliche from election nights past like why can’t he wrap this up or the Wellesley grad sure knows how to get down with the NASCAR dads, or can a girl really make the guy into a wuss. Oh, wait, I haven’t written that one before.

Bloomberg’s Jonathan Salant:

    I’ll be watching my 10-year-old son at home, trying to sneak in news updates during the commercials of Spongebob Squarepants and iCarly. Otherwise, I’ll wait until he goes to bed and then switch between the primary results and the Mets-Dodgers game.

Houston Chronicle White House Correspondent Julie Mason:

    I’m going to a friend’s house in Dupont to eat questionable brisket and watch it on TV. There may also be whiskey.

Steve Chaggaris, CBS News Director of Political Coverage:

    I’ll be hanging out with TV’s hardest-working Political Unit in the cozy confines of our Unit’s office in Studio 47 — the CBS Evening News studio in NY — where we’ll be fully anticipating waking up tomorrow to yet another Groundhog Day that is this Democratic presidential campaign.

Washington Times’ Jon Ward:

    Since today won’t change anything, I’ll be watching my blackberry for updates, but that’s about it.

Food Service Monthly’s Michael Birchenall:

    rather boring here I’m afraid … I’ll be at my desk editing a restaurant manager’s roundtable that I moderated on how they are coping with today’s economic downturn. I am going to try not to let my pessimism about the political landscape get in the way of hope … I’ll be getting my news interruptions from e-mail alerts … did I mention the big glass of red wine.

The Hill’s Sam Youngman:

    I’ll be at our K Street office.

ABC News’ Rick Klein:

    I will be in new york anchoring abc newsnow coverage – with an up and comer named sam donaldson

Daily Candy Washington Editor Erin Hartigan:

    I need WiFi, grease, liquor, and liberal banter, so I will be at Busboys and Poets.

Bloomberg News’ Al Hunt:

    dullsville –in the office.

Slate’s John Dickerson:

    Just back from Indiana, I will be in NY writing because I have to be on set at CNN long before dawn breaks on Wednesday morning.

RealClearPolitics.com’s Reid Wilson:

    I’ll be rockin’ the mic at XM’s POTUS ’08.

Conservative writer Jeff Gannon:

    I will be cheering contenders in the Democrats’ death match from an overstuffed armchair at the University Club.

New Media Strategies’ Howard Mortman:

    I’m boycotting TV today because of this.

“This Week” Executive Producer Katherine O’Hearn:

    At home with the wonder dog, watching TV. Blackberry in hand.

Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar:

    Honestly? There’s no place better to watch the drama of election returns than the HuffPo office, with our three giant flatscreens tuned into each of the cablers, a fridgeful of Diet Coke and some piping hot pizzas delivered straight to our door. Almost as good as that thrill creeping up Chris Matthews’ leg.

The Hill’s Editor at Large, Al Eisele:

    Having gone to basic officers school at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, and played for the Cleveland Indians farm team in Burlington, North Carolina, I feel an allegiance to both states, so I’ll watch at a bar on Indiana Avenue or North Carolina Avenue, or maybe both.

Glamour’s Washington Editor Linda Kramer:

    First I’m going to the Corcoran to hear DC stylist Lauren Rothman give a talk called “From the Runway to Reality: Global Fashion Trends on the Local Level.” Then I’ll go home, grab the remote and start my usual manic channel hopping primary watching ritual. As the returns roll in, I suspect that I’ll find many connections to the earlier “runway to reality” theme…

WTOP’s Mark Segraves:

    I would rather watch Idol.

New York University professor (and Press Think-er) Jay Rosen:

    I will be trying to persuade my 11 year-old daughter to watch the returns with me at home. She’s undecided about whether she wants to do that.

Washington Examiner’s Quin Hillyer:

    I’ll be an analyst on a special late-night edition of the 700 club from 11 to midnight, talking about the results.

Public Strategies Inc.’s Dick Keil:

    This former journo-turned-media strategist will be sneaking peeks at his Blackberry while watching his son’s high school baseball team play at Nationals Park. Efforts to get ballpark officials to show election returns on the big screen scoreboard while the game is being played have so far been unsuccessful.

Instapundit.com’s Glenn Reynolds:

    Same place as always: From my recliner in the basement. It’s comfy!

Chris Berry; President, General Manager 630 WMAL Radio:

    Watching? All of the cool kids are LISTENING to the radio for election coverage. The pictures are MUCH better on the radio.

The Atlantic’s Josh Green:

    I’ll watch at home, during commercials in the Red Sox-Tigers game.

Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten:

    I will be sitting at my dining room table watching the returns on my kitchen TV, which has screen that measures 14 inches on the diagonal. It isn’t black and white, though. That one’s in the basement.

Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff:

    Oh wait? Is there an election tonight? Is that thing still going on???? I thought Guam had settled it all.

Media Research Center’s Tim Graham:

    I’ll watch at home, once I get home after church choir practice and get the lowdown on who stunk or what Paula said on “American Idol.”

New America Foundation’s Steve Clemons:

    I will be watching the returns with some students of Washington College in Chestertown, MD on the Eastern Shore. Washington College was founded in 1782 and George W. himself was on the founding Board of Visitors and helped establish the college. My sense is that George Washington would not be that pleased with the contest for the job he first held.

Politico’s Ben Smith:

    Murat ballroom, indianapolis. Uncreative…

Washington Times’ Christina Bellantoni:

    I’ll be watching returns from our New York Avenue newsroom.

ABC’s Karen Travers:

    I will be in my windowless office (better for complete concentration) watching the raw data come in on computer and the analysis on ABC News Now (with legendary Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein, senior political reporter/head of microwave oven programming)

PBS’s Lucy Kafanov:

    I’ll be watching the returns from the dungeons of Cap Hill, far away from our majestic Shirlington studios. On the upside our Radio-TV gallery booth has four TV’s, which means I can watch the new episode of the Bad Girls Club AND the returns!