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Where will you be watching tonight’s election results? We’ve asked all sorts of journos for their evening plans and they include an Atlanta hotel room, the Phoenix Biltmore, and Champs Sports Bar in Cincinnati.

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Llewellyn King, Executive Producer and Host, White House Chronicle (on PBS): “I’ll be in a hotel room in Atlanta, where the battle will not be between Obama and McCain, but between me and the minibar.”

Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post: “I will be with John McCain and Sarah Palin at The Biltmore in Phoenix on Election Night, waiting to see if they will prove the pundits wrong and win the White House.”

New York University’s Jay Rosen: “I will certainly be at home, with two TVs, four computers, five phone lines, two kids, one wife and 2,500+ followers on Twitter plus the 324 I am following, along with Andrew Sullivan, Memeorandum, Google Blog Search, OffTheBus.net, Talking Points Memo…and my thoughts on this amazing election.”

Carl Cannon, Reader’s Digest: “Initially, I’ll be watching the election results from the set of R.T.E., Ireland’s answer to the BBC., where I’ll be explaining the significance of the night’s earliest returns–from Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina, and Georgia–to an Irish audience. “Obama” is certainly less Gaelic-sounding than “McCain,” but if the overseas polling is accurate, it’s a name that goes down smoothly with Guinness. And so, if the U.S. polling is on the money, our ratings might be decent, even at 1 a.m. Dublin time. Erin Go Bragh!”

The Atlantic’s Josh Green: “I’ll be watching at the Capitol Hill Hyatt with all the Democratic bigs.”

Jonathan Martin, Politico: “Biltmore, Phoenix. That is assuming John McCain’s last fly-around ever actually ends and we aren’t taken to Oregon as Rick Davis jokingly threatened last night.”

Bethany Thomas, NBC News producer and part of the McCain travelling press corps: “Sitting on the dirty floor of a crowded television riser amidst our best and brightest in Phoenix, awaiting McCain’s speech either way.”

Nora McAlvanah, Hotline: “I’ll be reporting from the Watergate, where I’m hoping for a smooth night with just the perfect amoutn of cable-inspired craziness to keep me entertained. I’d like to see Fox’s ‘Election Link’ vehicle race CNN’s ‘Election Express’ to a group of disgruntled, undecided voters waiting to vote in Toledo, OH. I wouldn’t mind if the night ended in a rooftop chase, either, but only if the good guy wins.”

Betsy Fischer, Executive Producer, “Meet the Press”: “I’ll be at 30 Rock, with Tom Brokaw, not Tina Fey.”

Rick Klein, ABC News: “Next to Sam Donaldson on the ‘World News’ set in New York (since Charlie, George, and Diane have their own special set for Election Night), anchoring ABC NewsNOW and ABCNews.com coverage…”

David Chalian, ABC News’ Political Director: “I’ll be at the Crossroads of the World sitting on ABC’s election night set in Times Square (shouting distance from Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer, and George Stephanopoulos) with two different ear pieces and one headset bringing 10-15 various voices into my head while watching the exit polls and returns come in and attempting to make sense of it all.”

David Folkenflik, NPR: “A laptop, a remote control & a Tivo —- I have a romantic night at home in store with a dozen or so news outlets as prepare to file my ‘Media Circus’ column for NPR.org…No holograms to appear in my living room that I know about. But a guy can hope.”

Amie Parnes, Politico: “I’ll be in Arizona with John McCain and my friends in the traveling press corps watching history play out, knowing I have the greatest job in the world. After that, I’m going to be taking a very long nap, one that rivals the length of my time on the campaign trail. I might also have to go through a round of shock therapy to get that stupid song ‘Life is a Highway’ out of my head for good.”

Steve Clemons, The Washington Note: “I’ll be live-blogging election evening from New York for The Washington Note and Huffington Post wearing a sizzling black tie gig first at Irene & Bernard Schwartz’s party at the Rainbow Room of Rockefeller Center, and then getting rid of the tie but keeping the black for George Soros’ party at his Manhattan apartment — and then Dem donor Leo Hindery, who refuses to do any more parties after 2000 and 2004, has invited my partner and me over for late, late night watching if we bring along our pajamas.”

Michael Cooper, New York Times: “I’ll be watching and writing from the mothership in New York, thinking longingly of the less health-obsessed old days, when Election nights meant catered pastrami and corned beef sandwiches for the newsroom.”

Bill Adair, Washington Bureau Chief, St. Petersburg Times; Editor, PolitiFact.com: “I’ll be here in our Washington bureau tracking the presidential results, as well as the numbers for Florida’s surprising number of contested races. Who knew FL-08 would be such a hot race? My big wish for the evening is that the cleaning crew doesn’t start vacuuming my office right on our deadline, as they did during one of the debates.”

John Yang, NBC News: “I’m hoping to be watched rather than watching–I’ll be live in Battleground Virginia (Richmond) for NBC News.”

Jim Newell, Wonkette: “I will be at home furiously typing about various “numbers” as they come in, state-by-state, for 500 hours, until I am forced from my home by the race riots. CAN YOU FEEL THE HOPE?”

Larry Sabato, University of Virginia: “I’m a co-anchor and on-air analyst for BBC America, as I have been twice before, out of their DC bureau. I love it. You use a somewhat different take for a foreign audience, and this reaches around the world. Most other democracies use parliamentary systems, so the task is perfect for a teacher. It’s also very civilized. There are tea breaks.”

Jay Newton-Small, Time magazine: “I’ll be trying to stay warm in Grant Park. I bought some of those little warmers you put in your ski boots and gloves, so hopefully, I’ll be fine.”

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit: “I’ll be watching from the PJTV.com studio in Knoxville — which is in my basement!”

Ari Shapiro, NPR: “I’ll be embracing NPR’s multi-media future. That’s another way of saying I’ll be sitting with my npr.org colleagues, writing for the website, with my headphones tuned to the live broadcast taking place one floor over my head.”

Peter Cook, Bloomberg: “I will miss the various election night festivities in DC but for good reason. I will be in New York hosting Bloomberg’s election night coverage starting at 8pm ET. Watch us and you get all the returns, all the good guests plus what it means for your 401(k).”

Jon Decker, Reuters Television’s White House Correspondent: “Following a traditional election day dinner of Chinese food — celebrating the ‘year of the rat’ — I’ll be in Washington – watching returns and anchoring our coverage from our DC bureau. I may also have a Heineken at some point during the evening.”

Lou Jacobson, editor, CongressNow: “I’ll be tracking the results at my desk at CongressNow world headquarters on Capitol Hill, along with an equally bleary-eyed staff. Luckily, there’s a very comfy couch in my office if the adrenaline lags during the all-nighter.”

Peter Baker, New York Times: “At the mothership in New York, still cherishing what will hopefully be the real victory of the week, Redskins over Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football.”

Olivier Knox, White House Correspondent, Agence France-Presse: “My boss rejected my plea to go to Captain Morgan’s presidential campaign HQ to, uhh, watch the results pour in — he said something about ‘undignified,’ and ‘unprofessional’ and blah blah blah. So I’ll be at the White House, looking to avoid a repeat of 2004, when I overnighted in the West Wing and only went home at 1 pm the next day after hallucinating that Scott McClellan was trying to kill me with a giant Starbucks coffee mug that talked. Dana Perino has vaguely promised not to keep us beyond 11 pm, which somewhat reduces the likelihood that I’ll wake up in my veal pen here on November 5 to find that I’ve typed the letter ‘Y’ 12,346 times with my forehead.”

Steve Scully, C-SPAN: “While my colleagues will be in Washington and Phoenix, I will be with the C-SPAN crew in Chicago as part of the
‘best political team on television,’ covering Sen. Obama’s speech in Grant Park. All eyes will be on C-SPAN Tuesday night because after all, we are ‘The Place for Politics,’ since we’re always ‘Fair and Balanced.'”

Ed Chen, Bloomberg: “Will be in Phoenix, with McCain — poised to either book a flight home for Wednesday or extend my stay in Arizona for the transition.”

Malia Rulon, The Cincinnati Enquirer / Gannett: “I’ll be twittering from Champs Sports Bar in downtown Cincinnati, a Bengals-friendly establishment about two blocks from The Cincinnati Enquirer and Paul Brown stadium. It’s where U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot is holding his Election Night party, so I’ll hang with his crew — unless he loses, at which point I’ll high tail it down the street to another sports bar, where his Democratic opponent will be. Either case, I’m sure to have a pint (or two) in hand.”

Mark Mazzetti, New York Times: “After I cast my critical Washington DC ballot, heading over to the house of Peter Spiegel of the LAT. Will watch the returns there.”

April Ryan, American Urban Radio: “I will be watching the returns from the White House, just like President Bush! The only difference he will be upstairs in his spacious family quarters eating dinner with friends. He will probaly be watching the returns on his various flat screens in the private residence. The results will determine if the President’s chef prepared dinner will be sweet or sour. I will be downstairs under the White House briefing room, in my tiny space, the size of a phone booth, watching the begginnings of the presidential change on my small flat screen televison. Depending upon how late we are waiting for results I will be having lunch box full of food from home, a bag of microwave ultimate butter popcorn and maybe some take out. Then, at 2 am I travel to Fox News to comment on what just happened. What a night! Can’t wait.”

John Hendren, ABC News: “I’ll start out watching from ABC’s Capitol Hill studio/telephone booth, flipping through the channels (and occasionally opining on House and Senate races). If this election is anything like 2000 (all polls aside) I’ll end it up with month-old stubble, a floor strewn with empty coffee cups and Red Bull cans and an outcome dictated by the Supreme Court.”

Carl Cameron, Fox News: “I will be standing on a camera platform at the McCain election HQ….reading exit polls, doing live shots and planning how to use my 100+ days of comp time accumulated over the last 26 months on the campaign trail.”

John Gizzi, Human Events: “I will be at BBC studios (as guest commentator)–I have to be with foreign correspondents because my colleagues in the U.S. are so darn negative!”

Mark Knoller, CBS News: “I plan to TIVO the election results. I’ll get to them next weekend.”

Paul Richter, LA Times: “I’m going to be at home watching the returns with my kids and keeping an eye out for Karen, who will be writing it all up, wearing fingerless gloves, from the famous tent on Lake Michigan. We’ll be a lot warmer.”

Steve Thomma, Chief Political Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers: “Back in DC writing our election story and praying for the Change We All Really Need: an early election night.”

Paul Bedard, US News: “I’ll be in my usual place on Election Evening, scrolling through Blackberry emails from Ds and Rs: a deer stand in the western Loudoun County woods before returning to file stuff.”

Imtiyaz Delawala, ABC: “…watchin on Jet Blue as we fly back from Alaska.”

Shushannah Walshe, Fox News: “I’ll be watching the returns partly on the Palin plane on our long trek back from Alaska after Gov. Palin votes. After that, the Biltmore hotel in Phoenix where the McCain campaign is holding their Election Night party. The Palin press corps will be the ones looking very disheveled after our flights to and from Alaska.”

Matthew E. Berger, campaign reporter, NBC News / National Journal: “Like most Americans, from the tiny screen in front of me on Sarah Palin’s JetBlue plane, flying back from Alaska after she votes.”

Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg / The Week: “There’s an election today? Chuck Todd’ didn’t settle it?. I’d like to be in Grant Park in Chicago or the beautiful Biltmore in Phoenix but I will be eating steam table food at the office wishing for an elite Chardonnay to wash it down and trying to imagine how it feels for the loser when the lights go out.”

Garrett Graff, Washingtonian: “I’ll be up at Harvard’s Institute of Politics.”

Tim Graham, News Busters: “I’ll be watching in the office, on duty, looking for a Richter scale to measure the tremors running up and down the legs of Chris Matthews.”

Martha Raddatz, ABC News: “I’ll be broadcasting from the 7th floor of the Hay Adams Hotel….overlooking the White House. Just so you know…there is not bed in the room…only cameras. I will be especially interested to see what time the lights go out in the White House. I have a feeling it will be long before the lights go out on the 7th floor of the Hay.”

Walter Shapiro, Salon.com: “For the fourth presidential election in a row, I am following the returns and writing about them in the best place to be on Election Night: My own living room. I have learned the folly of filing centers, especially when you really need the returns from Hamilton County, Indiana, a hell of a lot more than access to a campaign flack who is still trying to spin the election after all the votes are cast.”

Erin Hartigan, Daily Candy: “I am having a couple friends over to enjoy foods (and drinks) of the battleground states. The theme: Hey voter, swing voter.”

Chris Berry, President and General Manager News Talk 630 WMAL: “Watching? I will be LISTENING. I find that the pictures are much better on the radio!”

Jonathan Salant, Bloomberg: “I will be trying to still pull an all-nighter at age 54, watching the results from the Bloomberg newsroom in downtown Washington and trying to finish counting all the money that the presidential and congressional candidates have spent.”

Ed O’Keefe, washingtonpost.com: “I’ll be in Chicago’s Grant Park with tens of thouands of others covering my final campaign rally of 2008”

Joe Mathieu, program director, P.O.T.U.S. ’08, XM Radio: “I’ll be monitoring the all the cable networks while anchoring our coverage on POTUS ’08. You may not be able to tell on the radio, but I will be anchoring from home using special hologram technology that will beam me into the XM studios. Just one of the little things we’re doing to liven-up this boring election.”

Manu Raju, The Hill: “I’ll be watching the results at home with a high-definition Wolf Blitzer splashed across my TV, as I file throughout the night.”

Adam Aigner-Treworgy, NBC News & National Journal Group: “I will be at the site of John and Cindy McCain’s nuptials, the Phoenix Biltmore Resort and Spa, laptop in hand and memories of Super Tuesday dancing in my head.”

Alex Koppelman, staff writer, Salon.com: “I’ll be at home and in front of my TV, sadly. It’s the least crazy way to run a blog on a night like this. In preparation, I’ve informed my friends and family that if they contact me after 6 p.m. ET wanting to chat about ‘the inside scoop,’ they will be dead to me, and I’ve laid in a fresh bottle of Hendrick’s Gin — I’m counting on martinis to keep me sane.”