Abi Kirk: Digital Writer Spotlight

wattpad_good.pngAbi Kirk is an archeologist specializing in Egypt and the Cyprus Bronze Age, but she found an outlet for her fiction on a community writing site. Follow this link to read more of her work at Wattpad.

Wattpad’s Nina Lassam explained why she nominated Kirk: “Tattoo of the Black Angel is her debut novel about a university student, Tara, who is given a tattoo of black angel wings on her back. When angered, fully functioning wings tear out of her back. Isolated at first, Tara meets a network of similarly tattooed people whose lives have all been turned upside down by their tattoos and the mythical world they have been thrust into. As the story developed, Kirk saw great potential in trying to educate kids in Greek, Celtic and Egyptian mythology. Her career in archeology inspired her to use these myths and create a story unlike any other.”

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Here is a brief excerpt from Tattoo of the Black Angel

Jumping a mile I span around and saw two men in front of me. One man, who was near enough completely covered in tattoos, was behind a counter that was laden with books. The second man looked quite familiar, it had been that man with the Texas accent I had bumped into earlier on.

‘How prophetic,’ the man behind the counter laughed.

The Texas man gave him a short nod and came towards me. I got a bad feeling about this and backed against the door.

‘I ain’t gonna hurt ya little lady,’ he said stopping short. ‘I didn’t take ya for a girl who wants tattoos, so the logical question is what brings ya in here…?’