Aaron Sorkin Whacks Web Journalism

AtlanticWireAaronSorkinFor its latest “Media Diet” column, The Atlantic Wire caught up with Aaron Sorkin. The main takeaway is that this guy is very secure in his old school media choices.

The writer of The Social Network is famously not on Facebook and stays away from Twitter. He also abhors catch-all phrases such as “citizen journalist” and “media elite,” and has a problem with the Internet’s lack of entry barriers:

When I read The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, I know those reporters had to have cleared a very high bar to get the jobs they have. When I read a blog piece from BobsThoughts.com, Bob could be the most qualified guy in the world but I have no way of knowing that because all he had to do to get his job was set up a website – something my 10-year-old daughter has been doing for three years.

When the Times or Journal get it wrong, they have a lot of people to answer to. When Bob gets it wrong, there are no immediate consequences for Bob except his wrong information is in the water supply now so there are consequences for us.

Somewhat hilariously, an unnamed individual registered BobsThoughts.com just a few months ago. Bet they wish they had something up there today.