Aaron Betsky Picked to Head Venice Biennale


Wearer of many hats (and one kickass purple tie!), curator, critic, historian and newly-named director of the Cincinnati Art Museum Aaron Betsky will be directing the architecture end of the Venice Biennale this fall. Can you believe it’s almost been two years?

According to the Architect’s Newspaper, Betsky has no small task ahead of him: He’s gotta fill 150,000 square feet of exhibits that will attract 130,000 visitors and is open for more than two months. (and he’s even got a shortened deadline–the 2006 director was picked in August!). Betsky also hinted that this year’s show might let some other disciplines play for once:

Talking from Cincinnati, Betsky said he got the call over the holidays when he was on his way to Amalfi, Italy, for a brief vacation, and he made a quick detour to Venice. He said that he would be working with architects, artists, and designers from many fields. “That said, one must continually ask, ‘What is architecture? Where is the line?'”

Sounds like 150,000 square feet won’t be nearly enough.