A Writer Who Shall Remain Nameless Negects to Credit Designers Once Again


Sugary-sweet delight washed over us when we spotted a review of the New World of Coca-Cola, a place we’d once drank our weight in empty calories one Hotlanta afternoon. Such fizzy frivolous fun! The perfect portrait of pop culture! But our enthusiasm quickly went flat when we realized that yet again, someone who has been known to bubble over with praise for museums completely forgot to attribute the dirty work to the designers.

After raising some hell the first time around, we had high hopes that the critic had learned his lesson. But when it comes to this brave New World, even the novelty of a “27-foot-tall bottle of Coke that hovers in a 90-foot-high glass pillar; the walls glimmer like chipped ice and are made bracingly cold to the touch even on a 90-degree day” does not merit a mention of either pillar-builder or engineer of bracing cold. And such a shame, even with the full credits widely available online. It almost makes us never want to attribute another article to this writer again.