A Wide Range of New Facebook Games Hit This Week’s Up-and-Comers List

A promising range of applications has shown up in this week’s up-and-comers list, including what may be a popular new genre of game — health care.

For those who haven’t been following recently, this list is derived by looking at the apps on AppData with between 100,000 and 1 million users, that grew by the most monthly active users in the last week. Inevitably, some apps seen here are simple quizzes or gift-giving types, that have short and uninteresting life-spans. However, this list also provides an early look at high-quality apps that go on to become major hits — like LOLapps‘ string of role-playing games released in recent weeks, including Champions Online Diva Life, Yakuza Lords, and more.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Medical Mayhem 444,487 +444,186 +99.93
2. icon Band of Heroes 881,360 +191,253 +21.70
3. icon The Hierarchy 550,764 +187,483 +34.04
4. icon Piou Piou contre les cactus 540,930 +179,711 +33.22
5. icon Ask a Friend 522,568 +171,577 +32.83
6. icon 魔力學堂Web 178,394 +109,746 +61.52
7. icon Ninja Warz 188,815 +81,698 +43.27
8. icon Ponzi, Inc. 127,113 +80,217 +63.11
9. icon COLLAPSE! 331,537 +76,232 +22.99
10. icon Top Fish 169,967 +65,778 +38.70
11. icon GooBox – Giochi gratuiti 109,688 +57,820 +52.71
12. icon BlingTown 160,758 +57,721 +35.91
13. icon WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE? 411,929 +45,216 +10.98
14. icon Santa Yourself 102,230 +41,619 +40.71
15. icon Do you think…? 372,339 +40,233 +10.81
16. icon The True Age Test 426,093 +36,342 +8.53
17. icon Spore Islands 154,986 +34,839 +22.48
18. icon Which Classic Hollywood Actress Are You? 204,907 +32,178 +15.70
19. icon Gift Creator 636,920 +31,986 +5.02
20. icon Flowers 4 You!! 407,637 +30,499 +7.48

So today, at number one on the list, we have Ultimate Slot Machines, a game made by Hong Kong-based 6 Waves — or we would have it if the developer had designated it as a “game” within Facebook’s application directory, instead of putting it in the “lifestyle” category. Anyway, in it, you can choose from all sorts of slot machine games like what you’d see in a casino, except you can’t win real money. The game has gone from 0 to 484,000 within the last week, probably partially due to developer cross-promoting it across its dozens of other apps.

In second place — but first on this list — we have Medical Mayhem, made by a little-known developer called Vojo World. Interestingly, the game is being cross-promoted by 6 Waves within the toolbar it runs on various apps. And, similar to Ultimate Slot Machines, this app has grown nearly all of it 444,000 monthly active users within the past week. We’re also interested to see how the medical genre does on Facebook — especially, for American audiences, as Congress debates a major overhaul of the real-life health care system. This game makes you the boss of a hospital (we presume a private hospital, not a government-run one), and tasks you with organizing doctors and nurses to take care of patients as quickly and effectively as possible.

Medical Mayhem on Facebook

LOLapps has one RPG still on this list, that is close to graduation — Band of Heroes, with 191,000 new users and 881,000 total monthly actives. We expect it to have moved up into the big leagues of apps with more than 1 million users by this time next week.

Some other, previously-seen games on today’s list are spy RPG The Hierarchy, from Serious Business. It grew by 187,000 to reach 551,000 monthly actives. Other returns are Ponzi, Inc., a corporate business RPG, Top Fish from Slide, arcade-style game COLLAPSE! and Electronic Art’s Spore Islands.

Also notable are two French games, Piou Piou contre les cactus and GooBox – Giochi gratuiti, both of which have also made this list before.