A Virtual Celebrity in TinierMe Virtual World Promises Real Fun for Fans

TinierMe, a Japanese anime-themed virtual world, is partnering with the producers behind pop music star Hatsune Miku. The virtual world now offers fans of the singer exciting new ways to connect to their idol, including clothing and accessories modeled after her style. This is a cool move from a relatively new virtual world on the block, and it looks like fans of Miku have a lot to look forward to from their favorite digital songstress.

It is a match made in heaven: a virtual world and a virtual pop star. Hatsune Miku is a digital pop star sensation that has been sweeping Japan, and it is only fitting that she would visit the TinierMe virtual world. The TinierMe world was infiltrated by Miku’s style and songs starting yesterday, and the campaign is set to run until November 2010. There will be multiple release dates for new items and in-world events.

TinierMe has set up a Miku-themed concert area where fans can listen to her latest song. They can also connect to fellow fans around and discuss their favorite Miku songs, outfits and moments.

Miku has an entourage of friends whose themed items will also be showing up in TinierMe. Outfits from Miku’s friends Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Luka, Meiko and Kaito can be found in the Selfy Shop. Users can purchase these items with in-game currency to dress up like their favorite pop stars. Album covers have also been added to the virtual world as collector items. Users can gather up to 100 album covers distributed for free during the campaign.

There is a lot of interactivity and customization available in TinierMe already, and this Hatsune Miku campaign promises even more. Because Miku is already a virtual idol, it isn’t that huge of a leap to include her in a virtual world – but imagine if Lady Gaga brought her controversial style into Second Life. Fans would be given a new and exciting way to interact with their idol, and the virtual world would see a boost in both users and publicity. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before more pop stars begin to get down and dirty with avatar creation of their own.