A Tour of Google Plus by Robert Scoble to Wrap Up the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

Robert Scoble was the final presenter at this season’s Social Media Marketing Boot camp, and he gave a fascinating talk about the potential for Google Plus as your favorite social network.  If you missed the SMMBC, here are a few excerpts and I strongly recommend you sign up for the next one here!

He started with a look at some newer Facebook features, including lists and their essential ability to control the ‘noise’ that you perceive on the network.  This is precisely what Google Plus does very well, and Robert used this theme to segway into his analysis of G+.

He talked about how his 55,000 followers on Facebook generate a lot more engagement than his 180,000 followers on Google Plus.  He explained that when you have a huge number of followers, services like Google Plus can become challenging — sorting through page after page of people to find people you want in your Circle is a pain.  Focusing on removing the ‘noise’ is an important part of our social experiences as we all grow the size of people we connect to.  He mentioned that while it may seem like good etiquette to follow someone who follows you on Twitter, this will ruin the service for yourself.

That said, G+ has an impressive connection to other Google services, and has a far superior search.  Scoble believes G+ will continue to improve, and proved it by showing off the Ripples feature, which shows you the originator of a viral item, and then watch as people shared the item and the way the shares ‘rippled’ through the social networks.

Robert then used the ripples to look at influential share-ers, and found one, then added the person to his own social network.  The process was very simple, and the top down look at a social network gave a sense of context that Facebook deeply lacks.

Robert mentioned a good point, that getting to a network early is a good way to promote your brand/business, because people are more likely to follow in those early days.  Google Plus isn’t necessarily still in the initial stages, but with the Google Pages, it’s still early and a good time to create one.

Scoble went through the rest of the service, and is positive about the potential for Google Plus.  He noticed that even on big, popular posts, there weren’t as many trolls or jerks making rude comments on the posts.  In particular, this bodes well for the possibility of bigger Google Hangouts in the future, where groups of people can video-conference as if they were all in the same room.

In other Google Plus news, Google recently announced that they have partnered with a series of social media marketing services to help those services use Google Plus. Buddy Media and Vitrue are a few of the early adopters that will be able to manage Google Pages remotely.  Hootsuite, Hearsay Social, Context Optional and Involver are also involved in the partnership.

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