A Startpage For Facebook?

A new startpage application, WidgetMinded, launched on Facebook yesterday. The application allows you to browse through over 20,000 widgets to display on your profile. It’s an interesting application in that it provides a startpage within Facebook. It almost seems like an oxymoron.

If you consider your Facebook profile somewhat like a startpage then it doesn’t make much sense to use. Conversely, if you prefer to use your own startpage and would prefer to have yours within Facebook, this is a great start. All of the widgets appear to be Google gadgets. The one downfall is that for each widget that you add, it doesn’t appear in your profile, you need to view the widget within the application.

I personally think showing the widgets within the application defeats the purpose but it does effectively illustrate what can and can’t be done within the Facebook platform currently in regards to distributed widgets. It will be interesting to see if Netvibes, Pageflakes and other startpage competitors follow suit. If you want to try out the first startpage application on Facebook, go grab the WidgetMinded application.

Widget Minded Startpage

WidgetMinded Browse Widgets screenshot