A Star Intern on Capitol Hill Awaits

The Hill‘s new ITK Columnist Judy Kurtz broke the news Friday that there will soon be a new, provocative intern on Capitol Hill. It’s Matthew Lowe, the 17-year-old son of actor Rob Lowe.

Matthew will intern for House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

The commenters, at least on The Hill‘s website, were none too pleased. “I would have never guessed that Rob Lowe was a Republican corporate pig,” wrote one. And this one: “Sickening. The kid will have to take a bath in used chemicals every night after spending the day with greasy scum bag Eric Cantor.”

But over at The Daily Caller website, where news of The Hill item appeared a few hours later, the reception wasn’t quite so frosty. Or at least there was no mention of “pigs” and “scum bags.” There was, however, a resurrection of Lowe’s ages ago sex debacle with an underage girl. A quick left-right debate broke out.

One commenter wrote, “Classic. Democrat caught with an underage girl switches teams and feels right at home in the Republican party. Heck, his son interns for Cantor now, no less. You can’t make this stuff up. I mean, really!!!!!” But the next snapped back, saying, “Yet in 2003, Lowe switched teams, volunteering to help Republican and fellow celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bid for California governor. Ummm. That’s hardly switching teams.”

Over at the Politico, the debate was even more fierce than at The Hill and The Daily Caller. Wrote one commenter: “Good for him, it takes a big pair of stones for the kid of a Hollywood icon to follow his ideals.” Another surmised, “Well I guess it doesn’t get any LOWE than that.” Another: “Say it ain’t so, Sam.” And this one: “It’s hilarious that his son is interning for a man who politically detests people like his father.” But in light of Rob Lowe’s recent memoir, this message stuck out: “Now he can sign a book deal. ‘WHAT IT IS LIKE TO WORK FOR A MORON.'”

Photo Credit: AP