A Spoof on JournoList


Here’s a satire of conversations from JournoList. Before anyone flies off the handle, this means that it’s a fictional, fake, made-up, invented take on conversations that the author, David Burge of Iowahawke, imagines could have transpired on JournoList.

WaPo’s Ezra Klein, the list’s creator (and destroyer) takes on the role of hipster (the fake Klein uses words like “wassup” and “yo”). The whole gang of journos (TPM’s Josh Marshall, Center for American Progress’s Matthew Yglesias, The Nation’s Eric Alterman and Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert) sound like tweens. To be sure, ex-WaPo blogger Dave Weigel shows up to say his e-mails have been leaked to his editors (and he’s in deep sh-t). Weigel also (fictitiously) uses ProActive on his skin (yes, just like singer Jessica Simpson). Then MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann arrives and invites them all to Chatroulette. The tweens scatter.

A must read. Find the satire here.

See details on the author, Burge, after the jump…

A bio on David Burge: He blogs at Iowahawk, considered by many to be one of the sites on the internet. His work has appeared in the Weekly Standard, Garage Magazine, Middle East Quarterly, SpeedTV.com, PajamasTV, British satire site Anorak, and Readings in American Government. ??He is a veteran of several Hollywood bus tours and owns an exclusive map to the homes of the stars. He also has amassed over $200 in Blockbuster late fees. He lives in Chicago.