A Special Birthday Message…

Today at FishbowlDC we’re on the verge of celebrating a very special birthday in our midst. Co-editor Matt Dornic’s birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Matt – hope it’s a good one! To celebrate the day, I reached out to media friends for birthday wishes. I’ve been dying for a reason to again run a picture of one of Matt’s closest friends, actress Gabby Sidibe, (A.K.A. “Not so Precious”) from the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner weekend. Can’t recall why we ran it? Check out the Queen of Mean here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT: I’m coming to get you!

Roll Call‘s Jackie Kucinich: I believe it was the 80’s philosopher Jem who said: May you have a truly, truly, truly outrageous birthday filled with hoodies, small dogs and Diet Coke.

Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch blog: Bon anniversaire Matty! May you enjoy a year of pants with working zippers and seams that don’t split.

CBS’s Christine Delargy: Matt, you are the Will to my Grace, the waffle to my fried chicken and the fish to my bowl. Happy 30th Birthday. May you split less pants and write fewer posts about the Salahis this year! Cheers!

Tim Burger: Happy bday, Matty O’Dornic!! Don’t worry, 30 isn’t bad — I’ve loved it every time; & you don’t need half the work of most of the 30-somethings we know! Go Dornic-go-Brah or go home! Cheers!

Politico‘s Kiki Ryan: Happy Birthday Dornic! May your day be as awesome as Social Safeway.

FishbowlBetsy: Dear Matt, Gabby Sidibe says she can’t wait to give you a present. Her birthday wish went something like this: “You’ll get what I give you!” Have a lovely birthday.