A Politician Who Knows His Sh*t: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)

politician_pundits_and-other_people_small.jpg There’s a snappy new political show on the landscape. It’s VBS.TV’s “Politicians, Pundits, and Other People with Eddy Morretti.”

Backgrounder: VBS.TV is the online TV channel for Vice, which has a magazine and music label. VBS.TV is backed by Viacom and has a partnership with CNN, so episodes may appear on CNN.com, as well.

Liz Glover, former TWT gossip scribe and yoga instructor, has stepped out of her yoga studio to produce it.

Though Vice is known for edgy, controversial content with a penchant toward debauchery, sex and drugs, don’t think TMZ – the first episode, at least, is more serious than that. The first guest of the show is the “perennial presidential candidate” and “peacenik conscience of the Democratic Party”: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio). Morretti, the host, wears a black top hat and what Glover calls a “short suit.” His attire truly is fantastic. All reporters should dress like this (for fun or for Halloween). She explains, the weather called for it.

So far, reviews on Kucinich’s performance are a big thumbs up. One watcher remarked, “Oh Dennis, pretty great congressman. He definitely knows his sh*t.”

The VBS.TV crew will return to D.C. regularly. Want to see what’s coming up? Future guests include…

GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia, Reason Magazine’s Michael Moynihan, and HuffPost’s Jason Linkins.