A New Level of Internet 'Stalking'?

wwbDo you love re-connecting with old classmates or friends from work? Do you just love stalking people over the Internet? WikiWorldBook.com is basically a search engine for the major social networking sites. The Website is the self-proclaimed “Global Address Book”.Here is how it works. I want to connect with “Sarah Smith” from fourth grade. I plug in her name and some other facts (if I know them) such as gender, city, industry, etc. This website then does a search through all the major networking sites such as these: Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Classmates.com, and Wikipedia. Voila- you can then search through all these websites to find the person you want to “reconnect” with. You can also create your own profile on WikiWorldBook so that it is easily accessible to others that might be searching for you.

Another interesting function to this website is referred to as a trace. This means that the website generates an entry for the person you are searching for to show up on all the major search engines. For example, if John does a search on “Sarah Smith” (the person you are searching for), an entry will pop up notifying John that you are trying to find Sarah.

Although this has its useful functions, it seems that it will continue to promote Internet stalking to a whole new level.