A More Sensational Version of Facebook

Gawker has the exclusive on a brand new book being authored by Ben Mezrich, the same author who wrote the book “Bringing Down the House.” The new book deal is more than a million dollars and could easily be turned into movie once it is published. The source that Ben Mezrich used to develop the book was Eduardo Saverin, one of the early founders of Facebook who is also currently being sued by Mark Zuckerberg according to Gawker.

Gawker has published a series of segments from the book which is clearly a sensational take on Facebook. Funny enough, much of it makes sense. According to the book segments that were published, Facebook was initially developed as FaceSmash which was a joint effort between Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, of which Zuckerberg performed the majority of development including hacking the Harvard admissions office. He used FaceSmash as a hot or not for the girls at Harvard.

Another interesting portion of this book is that Mark and Eduardo turned into playboys that were traveling around and partying at the Playboy Club in LA and eating on the yacht of the CEO of Sun Microsystems. This is where the book appears to turn to fantasy, but who knows, maybe the founder of Facebook is a player at heart. There are some other ridiculous claims in the book but the fantasy story of Facebook definitely sounds exciting.

I’m interested to see how soon this book is published as well as if this will eventually turn into a movie.