Will Rounded Facebook Page Profile Pictures Boost Engagement?

Facebook touted the change as 'a more engaging look for your page profile'

It looks like we have some work to do

Rounded profile pictures were spotted on Facebook last month, and it now appears that the social network is expanding their rollout.

The message below appeared at the top of the Social Pro Daily Facebook page Wednesday morning, stating, “A more engaging look for your page profile: Starting in August, the shape of your page profile picture will change from square to circular in News Feed and on your page Timeline. The larger profile picture on your page cover area will remain square. We created a preview to help you see how this change will look and decide whether you want to make any updates.”

Clicking on the “See More” button brought up the popup pictured below, which included a preview of how Social Pro Daily’s current profile picture will appear in the new format, a message that the changes will roll out “over the next several weeks in August” (yes, we know, it’s September) and an explanation for the change: “We’re always working to make Facebook a more engaging place, and we hope this change leads to more conversations with the people you want to reach. We’ve been testing design updates in News Feed and have seen encouraging results and feedback from this design update.”

Twitter launched rounded profile pictures as part of a redesign in June.

Facebook had not yet responded to a request for comment at the time of this post.

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