A Million Entries, One Job: SitePoint Design Opportunities


Maybe we’re a little slow to learn about this, judging from the traffic and business the company says it receives every month, but then, maybe you don’t know about it either. Whatever the case, we’re not sure what to think about it. Springwise has this post up about SitePoint, which they describe as “Crowdsourcing Graphic Design.” The way the site runs is simple. A company posts some design service they need, say what they can afford, and then designers who want to participate do what they can on the project and then the company picks what they want to use. In a way, it’s just that same old spec discussion and many are sure to hate what they’re doing. On the other hand, isn’t this just a lot like an RFP, but with very little money changing hands? Here’s what Springwise writes in response to that question:

While many established designers protest that this type of ‘spec’ work is devaluing their profession, crowdsourcing is a valid and cost-effective option for small businesses or organisations who can’t (yet) afford to hire a traditional branding agency or graphic design firm. Gaining access to thousands of aspiring designers means that a small town pub or a summer computer camp can buy a logo or t-shirt design for USD 100-200. Meanwhile, designers from across the world can tap into a much larger market for their services, while building their portfolio, honing their skills and presenting to real clients.