A Look Back at Six Months of Design Fellowshipery at Chronicle


Wonder what it’s like to spend time with our friends over at Chronicle? Now over at the publisher’s blog, the lucky people who were selected for the company’s five Design Fellowship, each with their own emphasis, from industrial to publishing design, are writing up what their experiences were like in the form of “colorful analogies” and showing off the wide variety of projects they worked on during their time there (including Chloe Fung‘s terrific new packaging for our friend Amy’s Little Pea book). Here’s from Brad Mead:

The Publishing Design Fellowship is like seeing a giant squid wearing sunglasses. It’s intimidating and surreal until you actually encounter it. Then, it’s still awe-inspiring, but not quite so foreign and you actually begin to feel like you have something in common with the thing you so admired. Plus it looks totally cool.