A Look at a ‘Want Ad’ from The New York Times

Who wouldn’t want to work at The New York Times? Well, aside from people who hate on the paper no matter what happens. Actually, we’re pretty sure even those people would jump at the chance if it was presented.

If you’re a person who would like to work for the best paper in the world, The Cutline got a look at an internal memo from Media Editor Bruce Headlam that isn’t exactly a want ad, but gives you some idea of nonchalant the Times can be, because it’s the Times.

Check it out after the jump.

With Tim Arango leaving the Media Desk for Baghdad, we are looking for a smart, experienced reporter to take over the Corporate Media beat.

It’s a big job covering the corner offices at companies like Comcast-Universal, Time Warner, Viacom, Bloomberg, Tribune, working with other reporters on the desk to cover breaking news and explaining the bumpy transition of media companies to the digital age. Most of all, we need someone who can get those stories on to the front page.

We are looking at both internal and external candidates for this Guild position. There is a preferred candidate.

If you’re interested, please contact Bruce Headlam.

Simple and to the point. But we’re wondering – what does “There is a preferred candidate” mean? Is it possible Headlam is thinking of FishbowlNY? Yes, it’s possible! Don’t you crush our dreams!