A Little Birdie Tells Us…

HeadshotA little birdie tells us that Erik Wasson is leaving The Hill – where he currently serves as a staff writer covering US economic and fiscal policy – for Bloomberg. No official announcement has yet to be made that we know of and no bird droppings on Twitter as of yet.

UPDATE: A 4:08 pm email from The Hill’s Peter Schroeder to staff confirmed Wasson’s jump to Bloomberg. Thanks birdie! Internal memo after the jump.

From: Peter Schroeder

Ladies and gents,

You may have heard, or you may have not, but Erik Wasson is soon departing our fine publication to join Bloomberg. After devoting the finest years of his life to our august outlet, it’s only fitting that we send him off on Friday.

We’ll be meeting at The Passenger at After Work O’Clock. Please pass this invite along to anyone you think might want to come — all are welcome.