A Linda Greenhouse Update

(earlier on FishbowlDC)

Says Jack Shafer:

    Far from being C-SPAN averse, Greenhouse has appeared on the channel so many times you could launch C-SPAN 4 tomorrow and fill it with Greenhouse reruns. According to C-SPAN Vice President Terence Murphy, Greenhouse has appeared at 51 different events covered by the channel. (Green-SPAN, anyone?)

But she’s not the diva CJR made her out to be, says Shafer:

    Greenhouse can be stubborn, but I’ve never known her to lord it over others. Besides, what sort of diva agrees to appear gratis on a huge panel of colleagues to talk to a roomful of out-of-town academics about her profession? Case not proved.

And from Howie Kurtz:

    “There’s a big difference between talking to people in a room and having a nationally televised event,” Greenhouse recalls telling the organizer for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. “I won’t be able to speak with the same kind of candor that would make a good program if I have to watch every word.” The group asked the crew to leave.

    That stance prompted a scolding letter to the organization from C-SPAN Vice President Terence Murphy — saying it should “stand up for open media access to public policy discussions”– and the spanking of Greenhouse across the Web.

    Greenhouse says she did not threaten to walk out but did complain that she felt “blindsided” by the lack of notification, having failed to receive an e-mail from the group the previous night about C-SPAN’s plans.