A HOW Review in Brief


Per usual, we’ve heard mixed reviews of the HOW Conference, with everything from “It was great” to “I really couldn’t wait to leave” (for our first-hand, detailed coverage of last year’s conference, here it is). If you weren’t there and want the general rundown from a trusted authority, we couldn’t pick any site better than Swissmiss, who has just posted up her thoughts (and photos) of her time there. It’s short, sweet and to the point, which is just how we like things around here. A little bit from one presentation:

Steff Geissbuehler from C&G Partners, who’s one of my personal heroes and another ‘swiss designer gone NYC’, was another one of my highlights. His body of work is humbling. One thing I learned: For one of his international branding clients he researched colors and they came to the conclusion that orange is the color that, internationally speaking, has the least amount of bad connotations. Good to know!