A Horse is a Horse, of Course, But Does Print Matter if it’s Not Online?

alg_bigbrown_1.jpgAnother example of why print is a dying animal (no pun intended). Remember a few weeks ago when Big Brown, the prohibitive favorite to win the first Triple Crown in thirty years, didn’t. Not only that, he “didn’t” win in such spectacular fashion (the jockey pulled him up and he crossed the line dead last) that most of the coverage focused on his loss and not the winning horse who’d lead wire to wire (no easy feat, mind you). The comments board at the New York Times burned up with accusations of foul play, cheating, and betting payoffs, not to mention the horse’s previous (legal) steroid use.

Anyway, according to Folio, Blood Horse, the bible of serious horse racing fans in North America, apparently published a photo in its June 21 issue showing Big Brown with a loose hind shoe shortly after the start of the race. This caused a big international stir in horse racing circles. Alas Blood Horse failed to post the photo online until after the print version had hit shelves, ostensibly missing a huge, server-crashing, traffic opportunity. Once again begging the question: if you can’t link to it does it really exist?