A History of President Obama’s SOTU Addresses in Most-Popular Tweet Form

Remember the "spilled milk" joke?

Twitter has been around to serve as a second screen for the entirety of the Obama presidency. On the day the president will deliver his final State of the Union address, the Twitter blog takes us through all the president’s SOTUs past, as chronicled by each year’s most popular SOTU-based tweet, or #SOTU, we should say.

It starts in 2009, with what Bridget Coyne describes as “not technically a State of the Union address, but nonetheless the President’s first SOTU-like speech to a joint session of Congress.” The 2009 tweets include one from The Daily Show digital production manager Anthony De Rosa [above] quoting the president on his intent to reform the healthcare system–a goal, successful to varying measures, which continues to consume a lot of political and legislative energy.

The list brings back memories, not necessarily all ones we wish had been brought back, like the 2012 “spilled milk” joke about a since-removed rule that put milk and oil in the same category in both the federal, and, as it turned out, game show “same name” sense. We’ll spare you the text of the joke in this space, but it’s in the tweets if you want to take a look.