A DNC Staging Design Recap


In keeping with the fact that many of us are still reeling off the distant contact high from last night’s Obama speech, we thought we’d head over to the Campaign Stops blog for Steven Heller‘s recap of the DNC‘s staging at the Pepsi Center. Without fail, as we saw throughout most of the Obama campaign and have talked about here and there, the whole look of the convention was spectacular, just flawless. Heller seems to agree, seeing the whole undertaking having been “Obamacized,” following the footsteps of what’s been a very design-conscious campaign. He also goes back and takes a look at the history of these conventions, showing where Obama has deviated from the standards and where he’s built on what works. We’re a little biased, being here in Chicago, but we find it hard to fathom a world where the RNC next week is going to be anywhere near as beautiful.