A Contest that Hot Doug’s Could Really Love

hdog.jpg When we first saw the picture of the giant hot dog, bottles of catsup and mustard bottle built entirely out of cans, we thought, “This is a contest for Hot Doug’s!” Alas, the famed eatery is closed today for President’s Day, and besides, Hot Doug’s owner Doug Sohn is not an architect or an engineer, at least that we’re aware of. But don’t you think this would be a fine way to promote encased meats? This writer does. It’s more original than the Wienermobile. Even if Dougie can’t enter this competition, we’re certain that Donald Trump could find a way to become a contestant and you know he (or his minions) would construct a mini Trump Tower. Personally we’d like to see a Prairie-Style house built with Campbell Soup cans. If you want to find more about Canstruction® click here. If you’re not, feel free to click on the People web site for Bald Britney updates.