A Closer Look at Pew Internet’s Report: Smartphone Adoption and Usage

An article on Search Engine Land takes a look at a report by Pew Internet and concludes that:

Pew: 25 Percent Prefer Smartphones To PC For Internet Access

Smartphone Adoption and Usage (Pew Internet)

However, Pew did not as about “preference.” Pew asked: Overall, when you use the Internet, do you do that mostly using your cell phone or mostly using some other device like a desktop, laptop or tablet computer? In response to this question, 27% percent responded that they mostly “use the Internet” on a cell phone. 10% of the respondents said they used the phone and some kind of conventional computer equally.

Even the matter of how many respondents had a smartphone might be considered up in the air because 14% of the respondents did not know if the phone they used was a smartphone or not.

Android’s 15% showing among phones of all kinds among those surveyed may be strongly underestimated because a large percentage of respondents reported not knowing if their phones were smartphones but did report brands like LG (5% unspecified), Motorola (3% unspecified) and Samsung (7% unspecified) that produce Android phone models. If, say, a third of these were actually Android smartphones, Android’s reported percentage would jump from 15% to 20%. This would also change the proportion of Android users compared to just other smarpthone users. Android’s share within that group would jump from 35% to near 50%.