A Child’s Epic Rant in Ikea Ad Aims to Teach Timely Lesson

Make time for living—Teddy_s Speech - YouTubeIkea‘s latest Australian ad takes the focus off of home furnishings themselves, and places it instead on why we bother furnishing our homes in the first place — so that we can live in them, something the young, modern family seems to have less and less time to do.

The spot aims to send an important, timely message: “It’s time to make time for living”…otherwise, as demonstrated in the ad (below), a pesky neighbor kid may break into your abandoned home and wander around while giving an indignant rant about the state of today’s over-booked, under-connected family.

“No room was ever made just for answering emails,” says Teddy, as he enters an impeccably furnished (but conspicuously empty) home. “Killing two birds with one stone seems to be the family mantra,” he complains, “meanwhile, we haven’t had a sit-down meal or gone to see Gran in over three weeks.”

Every time he turns a corner, he appears to be in another home, presumably demonstrating that every family in his neighborhood is struggling with the same time-crunch issue — it’s a universal modern day problem.

As his rant continues, Teddy addresses his family directly: “Mom, Dad, Sis, enough is enough. Every minute of every day is just getting more and more full, and none of us really get to see one another nearly as much as we could do, should do, or want to.” And then, Teddy makes is his nail-on-the-head point: “The very reason we have a home seems to be less and less of what we use it for.”

So relatable, it almost makes us cringe. Even though the commercial doesn’t focus on Ikea’s products, it aims squarely at one of its biggest target markets: young families trying to decorate on a dime while keeping their homes functional for their busy lives.

Teddy’s solution is a simple one: Make time. No, really. “I say it’s time to make time…I want to build forts, put on wigs in family concerts, pretend to laugh at Dad’s Dad jokes…I want to reclaim the the lounge from our laptops, put the living back in our living room…It’s time to make time for living.”

Amen, Teddy! Now, kindly get out of my house…