A Brief History of Television Farts

BuzzFeed alerted us this morning to a potentially windy situation that occurred on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show last night involving Republican Strategist Rich Galen. Galen made a bit of a stink while talking about Newt Gingrich. Galen tooted his own horn about his years of experience working with Gingrich and then was asked by Cooper about Newt’s negative campaigning. Galen makes a pained expression while he’s sounding off about Newt, and then something happens. It SOUNDS like Galen lets flatulence escape mid-sentence. Watch for yourself.

In case you missed it, we are providing a transcript of Galen’s comments.

“Let me cut to the cheese, I mean chase. There’s been a lot of hot air blowing around related to Newt. Gingrich has always made a lot of noise with his statements. He’s not the silent, but deadly type. In the end, he will pull away leaving the competition seeing nothing but his skidmarks.”

OK, so that’s not anything CLOSE to what Galen said, but that’s what we heard.

It’s not like this is the first time a TV personality has let one rip. Larry King was NOTORIOUS for breaking wind on the air. Here’s a clip of him with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).

A few months ago, we reported on when Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) maybe allegedly dropped a bomb on Rachel Maddow a few months ago?

We reached out to Galen to see if he broke wind, or if this was the classic case of “Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It.” He has not responded. In an effort to sniff out the truth on the issue, we have shown the video to dozens of people and everyone agrees…. it’s a fart.

Some of this might seem juvenile. But, farts are funny. The great Louis CK, who is headlining the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner this June, summed it up best when he appeared on The Daily Show last year:  “You don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts, but you have to be stupid not to.” Watch the whole video: