A Beauty Cream Partners With a Book Publisher…

Yeah, really. StriVectin, the cream known for fighting wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots, and any other skin condition you might be whining to your dermatologist about, has partnered with HarperCollins Publishers, which publishes books that you read on the beach and elsewhere, to launch a book club.

The StriVectin Book Club (yeah, really) will give the beauty product’s Facebook fans a chance to read a book and discuss it virtually, which the folks over at StriVectin assure us their customers want to do.

“We noticed that women within our Facebook community were talking about more than just skin care, reflecting on issues and concerns about life in general,” said Randall Williamson, VP of global comms for StriVectin, in a statement. A spokesperson for the company added that the book club will be a place to talk about aging and aging gracefully. About 200 people have joined the club so far she says. (Cake is helping with the promotions.)

The January book is Falling for Me by Anna David. According to the description online, the author, at the age of 35, used the book Sex and the Single Girl by Cosmopolitan‘s famous EIC Helen Gurley Brown as a guide for personal fulfillment and self-discovery.

This whole thing sounds a like bit of a stretch to us, but hey, we support reading books.