hottestmedia.gifThe number of nominations thus far for Hottest Media Types…and you’ve barely scratched the surface.

We’re thinking of a number of hotties that have yet to be nominated (ahem: have you guys seen Joe Curl since he dropped all that weight and starting using shaving oil?!? Smokin’!!!).

Send ’em to fishbowlDC AT mediabistro DOT com

The bestest comments thus far:

“First are folks who, at the very least, should be in some kind of masters’ division, since it’s unfair to ask them to compete against nubile ABC News coffee-fetchers, and I gotta stick up for my age and elders…”

“In addition to his clever and sharp editing, he plays a mean guitar.”

“He’s a really sweet guy and great dresser.”

“And he is HOTT!”

“I don’t work with him, hardly know him. But he’s a cutie.”

“…is very hot. I’ll find a photo and prove it to you.”

“…hot, hot, hot!!!!”

“i’m not going to stoop as low as nominating myself, but all I have to say is that I better be nominated.” (UPDATE: A reader writes in: “I don’t think we should nominate someone as hottest journalist of any type until they learn to correct the grammatical error in the following sentence: ‘i’m not going to stoop as low as nominating myself, but all I have to say is that I better be nominated.'”

“I’ve never seen a photo of her, so I’m hoping she wins so that I can.”

“As a strong contender last year (redacted) has taken (redacted) under her wing and has continued to better the magazine with its positive editorial content and bold visuals that celebrate the people, places and events that define the unique characters of D.C.”

“he has that ‘hot dad’ thing working for him.”

“Besides writing scripts, producing live shots, coordinating with law enforcement across the country, and knocking elbows with the leather jacket phenom (redacted), (redacted)’s civilian life is lifted to reveal a nightlife adventurer and weekend master of refurbishing antiques and baker of cakes, cookies, and her specialty: pumpkin loaf worthy of an extended ten-second rule (you don’t want any of the scrumptious goodness to go to waste). Don’t let this San Diego blond bombshell fool you: (redcated) will get the story and capture a few fugitives all to make this world a little safer to live in.”

“He’s got great personal style. Preppy, sophisticated with always a touch of stylish irony….And his belts are worn ascew, with the buckle cocked to the left.”

“She’s a stunner.”