9 Gossip Sites to Keep Up With Celeb Gossip

OMG did you hear who so-and-so is dating/dumping? The more dour among us say that celebrity gossip is superficial, trivial and meaningless. Why should we care about the sex lives and vacation pictures of celebrities?

Well Mr. Boring, STFU! We all have guilty pleasures. So what if they are rooted in the destruction of other people’s lives! Heck, they get paid inordinate sums of money; so we have the ‘right’ to watch them rise and fall under the media microscope.

To get your celebrity fix, check out these hot gossip sites:

Perez Hilton – The self-proclaimed “queen of all media” doodles “cute” and “OMG” over tabloid pics of stars from the A to the D list. Perez has built up a media empire of gossip. He’s rude, disgusting and not for everyone, but if you can only check one site, this is the one.

Oh No They Didn’t – Hilarious commentary about celebrity life and travails. The comments are as funny as the posts.

Dlisted – Dirty language, embarrassing photos and celebrities looking their worst. This is not the site to see glamorous photos of your favorite stars, but it shows a little more restraint than some of the others.

The Superficial – The name says it all.

TMZ – The main source for “wardrobe malfunctions” and other steamy photos, TMZ pays for tips and scrapes the gutter for all the gossip and tips you hate to admit you love. Thirty Mile Zone

Gawker – The flagship of the Nick Denton media empire, Gawker is a little more high brow then the rest. It covers Hollywood and NYC celebrities, and it’s sister site Deadspin covers sports and athlete-gossip.

Page Six – Celeb photos and canoodling spottings. Includes thought-provoking questions such as “Would you watch ‘Idol’ without Simon?”

E-online – The grandpa of the gossip Website domain, the TV stations companion delivers breaking news, A-list scoops, and an active readership who is willing to comment on just about anything.

PopSugar– The gossip arm of the Sugar network garners millions of page views a month and delivers juicy dish targeted towards young women. A nice balance of snark and paparazzi photos keep readers engaged, and if the site lets you down, the Sugar Web is sure to lure readers in.

The higher they rise, the harder they fall. So which Hollywood starlet will die at the hands of a prescription drug cocktail? Which husband will beat the sh*t out of his wife and come out squeaky clean? And who will come out of the closet after 30 years of heterosexuality? The new year is just getting started, and that means a 365 days of dirt. Stay in the know with the sites above and add your favorites in the comments section below.