89 Percent of Content Marketers Say Content Marketing Works

This is a huge opportunity for PR firms.


It’s a content marketing world in 2015, isn’t it? Yes — and a new survey by provider ascend2 proves it by asking the very people who use the stuff.

The company’s Content Marketing Trends report and the 290 marketing, sales, and business professionals who participated give us some slightly surprising findings. First, here’s why content marketing is very much a PR-ready discipline:

content graph 1

Note the key words “engagement” and “awareness.”

Everyone knows that “content,” not “advertising,” is the future…right? Right — but only 48 percent of those business folk plan to increase related budgets in 2015 despite these facts:

content graph 2

If it works so well, then why is the “increase budget” total not higher than 48 percent? Our theory is because there’s simply too much crap — sorry, “content” — floating around.

Check out the three “biggest challenges” to success:

  • 53 percent say “lack of content creation resources
  • 42 percent say “lack of an effective strategy
  • 33 percent say “inability to measure campaigns’ effectiveness
  • 27 percent say “lack of cross-channel integration

We look at all four of those points and see “public relations.”

Some other interesting findings: while video material is most difficult to produce, it’s not always the most effective. That honor goes to “articles/case studies,” which is why Ted Birkhahn of Peppercomm recently told us that EVERYONE should be trained to participate in the content creation process and Mark Nardone of PAN Communications says the agency always handles the stuff for its startup clients.

These findings tell us — as if we needed further proof — that CM is a huge opportunity for PR.

Just get ready to measure it.

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