86% of Internet Users Have Tried to Avoid Surveillance: Pew Research

Eighty-six percent of Internet users have taken steps to cover up or remove their online browsing habits, according to a new report from Pew Research called “Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online.”

The report analyzed consumer Internet behavior and found that 55 percent of Internet users said that they had taken steps to avoid observation by companies, people or the government. Even so, 59 percent of Internet users don’t think that it’s possible to be truly anonymous online.

The report also discovered that 21 percent of Internet users have had an email or social networking profile compromised. In addition, 13 percent of Internet users have had relationship troubles with friends and family based on something that a user posted online.

The report also revealed that 12 percent of Internet users have been stalked online and 11 percent have had important personal information such as their social security number or credit card number stolen from someone online.  (Via PC World).