80% of apps in the App Store are practically ‘zombies’


Adjust’s recent report shows that 80% of the App Store’s 1.2 Million apps are practically zombies: apps that do not get enough attention to receive rankings in Apple’s App Store top lists. Additionally, “to not be a Zombie, an app must appear in any position on one of the 39,171 App Store top lists on at least two out of three days over the evaluation period of one month.”

In essence, there’s a zombie outbreak of apocalypse proportions. In June 2013, zombie apps only accounted for 70% of total apps. By December, that number had jumped to 75%. Now, 80% of 1,197,087 apps are considered practically undiscoverable.

Apple’s app store receives as many as 60,000 new apps every month, which makes standing out nearly impossible. Further, many apps aren’t even zombies – they’re dead. In its entire history, the App Store has had a total of 1,601,413 apps – 350,000 of those have been removed from the store. That’s 21.8%!

The Games category has the highest total number of apps pulled from the App Store. The deadliest category, surprisingly, is ‘Books’, followed by ‘Entertainment’ and  Utilities’. Games are a big group, and their contribution to the head count is proportional to their numbers. 21.7 percent of all apps that were tagged as games when they were introduced into the App Store are no longer available. The most hopeful category is ‘Kids’, where just under 9 percent of the apps have been pulled.

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