8 Mobile Social Networks for Your Heart’s Delight

mobile_social_networks.jpgSocial networking sites and tools for the mobile phones has become such a big hit on the web 2.0 environment. Day in and day out, mobile social network startups just rise up from the web offering the social networking savvy citizens of the web with new environment, new tools and new apps that transcends the boundaries of the static web into the more vibrant and growing mobile environment.

What are some of these mobile social networking sites? Rotorblog brings you eight of them selected from a random search. Feel free to add other mobile social networking sites by leaving a comment, we will add check them out and add it to this list.

groovr-logo.gifGroovr – lets you send shoutouts, post pictures, videos and let your friends know where you are. Free to sign up and standard text messages rate applies when sending SMS

juicecaster_logo.jpgJuiceCaster – lets you meet new people, connect with friends and share your photos and videos directly from your mobile phone. Instantly post videos and pictures to your Myspace, Facebook and other sites. Text “Join” to 84462 or enter your mobile phone number at their site.

mig33_logo.gifMig33 – lets you connect to people around the world, IM, visit chat rooms, send email, share photos, SMS and make cheap calls . To join, you need to download the mig33 applications to your mobile phone by pointing your mobile browser to wap.mig33.com.

wadja_logo.pngWadja – lets you share, download and upload music, movies, videos, photos to and you’re your mobile, meet new friends and online chat.

vipera_logo.jpgVipera – an interactive community where you can share content and opinions about any subject using its mobile application which can be easily installed by pointing your mobile browser to http://vipera.mobi/get or downloaded into your PC.

blue_pulse_logo.gifBluepulse – is a free mobile social messenger that takes the best of social network, instant messenger that revolutionize both and combine them to run on anyone’s mobile phone. To use, point your browser to http://bluepulse.com

limejuice-logo.jpgLimeJuice – a hyper-local social networking service that allows users to meet and interact with the people immediately around them. The interaction is game-like in nature and delivered in public venues such as bars, nightclubs, and cafes.

gypsii_logo.jpgGypsii – lets you share real-life experiences in the virtual world using mobile devices and the web. A search and location-based suite of integrated mobile and web applications for users to share, view & upload pictures, videos, text and POI with a geo-location.