8 Creative ways to use RSS feeds

Create a book

If you have a blog created with WordPress, TypePad, or Blogger, you can use Blog2Print to create a book directly from your blog’s RSS feed. The book can include photos, comments, and be printed in black and white or color.

Create an interactive timeline

You can create an embeddable, interactive timeline in minutes using Dipity‘s RSS feature. To create one, copy the URL of the RSS feed and select RSS as your input source. The resulting timeline can be embedded in any website much like a YouTube video.

Catch up on the tweets you missed

You ever got the feeling that you’re missing important Twitter messages when you’re away from your computer? By adding the RSS feeds for individual Twitter users or lists to your RSS reader you can make sure you never miss a tweet. Just select the orange RSS icon on any Twitter page and add the feed address to your RSS reader of choice.

Catch only the best tweets

Even if you archive your favorite tweets using an RSS reader, you may quickly become inundated with the number of tweets coming in. The Twitter Tim.es has a solution. The online tool aggregates the most shared links among your Twitter friends and presents them as an online newspaper. Using the site’s RSS feature, you can make sure that the most interesting links being tweeted are sent directly to your reader.

Read your RSS feeds in your email

Sometimes a feed reader isn’t the most convenient way to stay on top of your RSS subscriptions. Feed My Inbox allows you to direct your RSS feeds to your email, which is especially convenient for those sites that don’t have an automatic email delivery option. The first five feeds are free.

Create a custom newspaper

The big word in digital news is customization: readers want to be able tailor their reading experience to just the content they are interested in. You can do the same by creating your own FeedJournal. Simply give the site the RSS feeds you want to read and it will output a printable newspaper that you can read either online or off.

Spruce up your reading experience

Some of the most popular RSS readers were built with functionality rather than aesthetics in mind. Helvetireader is an extension/plugin (depending on your browser of choice) that will turn Google Reader into a Helvetica-inspired reading environment.

Listen to your RSS subscriptions

The audiophiles out there will appreciate BlogRadio, a service that will collect your RSS feeds and read them to you in the natural-sounding voice you choose. BlogRadio is available as a downloadable desktop application or as an app on your mobile device.