50 Jobs, 50 States

Daniel Seddiqui was sick of looking for a job in economics after a three-year search. So he decided to take one job in each state, aka the Self-Promotion/Marketing Gimmick Of The Century.

Last October, as he was getting started (he spends a week in each state), he was pretty much broke, working for no pay as a park ranger in Wyoming. Earlier this month, as an ad creative in New York City, it was reported he’s raked in about $60,000 and nabbed a book deal. (Once you have, you know, 40 states under your belt you suddenly become kinda popular..)

Here he is in Rhode Island, after spending a week working with the state’s tourism board.

He’ll end up in California. His final job will be hosting (not co-hosting) an episode of Dirty Jobs. Yes, as in the Mike Rowe show.

Guerrilla marketing at its finest? His resume is about a mile long, with 7 states to go…