50 2009 Top 10 Lists from TIME.com

TimeComLogo.jpgTIME.com published The Top 10 Everything of 2009, 50 top-10 lists covering pop culture, business, technology, sports, arts and entertainment, news, politics and science.

Without giving too much away, TIME.com’s top picks for WebNewser-related topics:

Tweet: “Victory is ours!!!!!!!” Ashton Kutcher declaring victory over CNN April 14 in their competition to see who would reach 1 million Twitter followers first.

iPhone app: Tweetie 2, a Twitter client for the Apple device.

Facebook story: The explosive growth by the social-networking site.

Viral video: The Longest Way 1.0—One-Year Walk-Beard Grow Time Lapse, in which Christoph Rehage spent nearly one year attempting to walk from China to Germany, not cutting his hair or shaving his chin along the way.