5 Tips to a Successful LinkedIn Profile Picture

Even the LinkedIn agreement tells you that you have to have a picture with your profile. So, you might as well take the time to really get a good picture done right.

rack photo
rack photo

With LinkedIn as the “go to” professional social network, it is important to understand the process of creating an ideal profile picture as recently commented on by the Wall Street Journal.  Have you taken the time to improve your snapshot?

1. Make sure your profile picture has only you in the picture. After all, you are promoting yourself not your siblings, children or grandma on a summer vacation in Italy. LinkedIn requires that your picture reflect who you are, not a caricature or a favorite cartoon character. The picture should be from the top of your head to just below the shoulders in a professional manner.

2. Your profile picture should relate to your profession. If you are not sure, surf through LinkedIn profiles of people of the same profession and see how others of the same profession look in their pictures. Wear the clothes in your picture that you would wear on the job to make a good impression.

3. Have your picture reflect your true professional personality on a good day. You don’t want to look wacky and crazy with a cute funny face. You don’t want to be staring off to the left or right, showing off your left or right profile. You want to look straight ahead, eyes bright with pleasant smile and be you.

4. Don’t forget to smile. It doesn’t have to be a big smile, but a nice warm and friendly smile. Remember to sit up tall and relaxed. The person taking the picture, hopefully a professional or someone who really knows what he’s doing, should be able to guide you and let you know if you need to roll your shoulders back and offer a more sincere smile.

5. Have at least three to four pictures taken, so you can pick out the best one for the LinkedIn profile picture. You can even show them to your most trusted friends or family members. Watch their reactions for each picture you show them. Once you have the picture that is the best one, then upload it as your LinkedIn profile picture.

As the old saying goes “Make a good first impression.” So, start it off right with a successful profile picture on LinkedIn.