5 Solid Free Video Editors

videoYou only have to go a few years back to recall the days of expensive video editing equipment and software. These days, video editing software is readily available for free online, but many options are overly complicated, clunky and poorly designed. But if you are fortunate enough to have a computer with some decent processing power, you have several formidable options.

Let’s take a look at the top options in the free video editing software market.

1. Apple iMovie is highly acclaimed, especially by social networking video creators. iMovie comes with any new Mac purchased and is known as one of the simplest editors, designed especially for producing video quickly. iMovie lets users scan clips, isolate the desired portion and drop clips into order. Users no longer have to deal with rendering time, rather iMovie creates crossfades and titles instantly, and users can even send their final video directly to YouTube.

2. Microsoft Movie Maker which automatically comes on virtually all PCs, offers easy drag and drop editing and numerous add-ons to the software. Movie Maker is popular because of the many artistic and corrective options for video as well as a configurable interface. Movie Maker supports AVI/WMV input and is one of the few editors that can capture DV from a camcorder.

3. Video Spin is a free video editor download frequently compared to Movie Maker but is praised for its title editor and artistic effects. Video Spin allows users to instantly upload video to YouTube or Yahoo Video and functions completely on a drag and drop interface which is easy for a beginner yet advanced enough for the more tech savvy. There are add-on features that are available for a fee. The program is manufactured by Pinnacle Systems, creator of many different types of video software.

4. Wax is used as a free-standing app or as a plug-in for other video editors like Adobe Premiere. It can create 2D and 3D special effects like explosions and 3D text, and is known for its simple user interface. Wax is worth looking at because it allows users to output video in AVI, MPEG, WAV and even flash while some editors only output as AVI files. There are also neat features such as RotoMate which allows you to rotoscope/paint over video with fully keyframmable shapes and masks, Shatter, where you can create explosive effects and Particle Generator, where you can generate various natural particle effects like fire, smoke, and rain.

5. Zwei-Stein video editing offers a large library of special effects and transitions and has a superior cropping option. Zwei-Stein is known well for its ease of use and stability. It is not one of the more well known editors but is a simple option that is fast and doesn’t overuse computer memory. The download offers a 256 track video editor.

For the beginning editor or hobbyist, the free editors that come with new computers are often the superior option, but plug-ins are always a good supplement. Users should be watching for simple programs that are easy to use and the five above are just that!

What video editor do you use? With so many on the market, which is your favorite and which would you *not* recommend to others?