5 Reasons Why Facebook is the New Personal Blogging Platform

A friend recently asked me to help him create his personal blog. Being a good techie friend that I am I willingly offered my assistance. So I asked him what will be the his blog’s niche, and what does he wants to happen with his blog. He said he wanted to post personal things about the ongoings in his life, his current hobbies, games he’s playing, the book he is reading and all other personal stuff about his daily life. He also want to restrict the readership of his blog to friends whom he will invite to view his blog posts.

Guess what I told him? I said he doesn’t need a personal blog. He can do all those things just by creating a Facebook account.

Screen shot 2009-09-24 at 10.17.15 PM

To be honest, it was a spur of the moment reaction. After teaching my friend how to create a Facebook account, it finally dawned on me – Facebook indeed has become a personal blogging platform. And I could think of 5 major reasons why Facebook is the new personal blogging platform.

1. Chronologically Arranged Blog Posts – You can create pseudo blog posts using Facebook’s status updates right? It doesn’t limit your updates to a certain number of characters like Twitter. And Facebook even automatically parse long updates and gives you a “read more” feature.

2. Photo Attachment to Status Updates – Facebook status updates also lets you attach related photos to accompany the texts content of your updates. Or you can even post just photos with a caption which can also be considered as a regular blog posts (aka status updates)

3. Restricted Readership to your Facebook Friends – Since we’re talking about personal blog here, most likely we want to have a restrictive readership. Facebook of course has that facility. As all your updates are accessible only by your Facebook contact.

4. Comment/Like Features – If you’re going to use WordPress you’d probably need to find a post-rating plugin to enable your readers to rate your blog posts. If you use Facebook, it’s an embedded feature called – “Like”. As for comments, I don’t have to tell you that Facebook has a great commenting feature. Even better is the fact that Facebook comments are spam-free. Not unlike the usual blogging platform.

5. How About Categories? – Like I Said, my friend wanted a personal blog, so Categories is not really relevant when you are running a personal blog, right? And besides Blogspot.com didn’t have the category feature at first, right? Do you agree? Or you have any other idea on how to have this feature on your Facebook personal blog?

There you go, five major reasons why you can use Facebook if you want to start a personal blog with restricted readership. Did we miss anything?  If you have something to add to the reasons why Facebook is becoming a personal blogging platform, feel free to leave a comment.

And don’t forget to get your personal name as your Facebook account name, in case it is still available.