5 Interactive maps that connect communities

Online maps are great tools for bringing together communities, whether they are on the same block or across the world. Here are some examples of how its being done:

London 2012

The London Olympics may have a hideous logo, but they know how to put together a good map. To prepare the word for the 2012 Games, the site has mashed up geotagged photos, videos, slideshows, and more onto one colorful map.

Des Moines Register: Wrestling Fans Map

The Register knows that the net is a haven for sports fans to trash talk and has harnessed the power of maps to make it even easier. Fans of local wrestling teams can submit a “shoutout” for their favorite. The more shoutouts the team gets, the larger the marker on the map.

Entertainment Weekly: American Idol, America’s Pick

There are a number of sites that enable netizens to cast their vote for who will be voted off on American Idol, but EW’s voting system, incorporates an interactive leaderboard and a nifty map that breaks down the results by state. The project itself powered by Predictify, the site where users make guesses on the future of any number of news topics.

New York Times: What New Yorkers Like and Don’t Like

No post on online/interactive maps would be complete without a nod to the Times, which seems to be cranking them out on a consistent basis. This particular map takes the data from a survey of thousands of NYC residents on various social services and creates a fluid, visual interface of the results.


Finally, proof that the New York Times isn’t the only player in the city’s interactive news game: CrashStat has mashed data of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities with a Google map of the five boroughs.

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