5 Hours to Upgrade iPhone 3G. Slower Now. But, Surprisingly, I Like the iOS4 Upgrade


It took well over 5 hours to upgrade my iPhone 3G (not a 3GS) to iOS 4 on Monday night. The result was a phone that does not have multitasking (as noted by Frank’s blog item last night: Have An iPhone 3G? Here Is What You Don’t Get With iOS4) and a noticeably slower device.

Despite the annoyingly long upgrade process and slower phone, I’m very pleased with the update after my first day of use. “Ah ha,” you might think, “Todd is an Apple fanboy.” It is true that I like a lot of Apple products. But, I do not think I am a fanboy. For example, my current primary phone is a Android-based Nexus One. My two prior primary phones were a Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile) and Nokia N96 (Symbian S60).

The iOS4 upgrade gave me two much desired new features:

1. App folders! I moved all of my apps (except for the ones on the main page) to folders yesterday. This reduced my app page count from 9 down to 3.

2. Multiple Exchange ActiveSync support! Previous to iOS4, the iPhone could only sync with one Exchange ActiveSync server. I choose to sync my iPhone with Google instead of my office Exchange Server. I can now sync email, calendar, and contacts from both Google and my office. The unified inbox that lets me see email from all my accounts in one place is much appreciated too. I’ve had this on my Android phones since last year and have since wanted it on my iPhone too.

The big disappointment so far was the lack of support for Bluetooth keyboards. I had guessed that the iPhone would gain this ability sinc the iPad running OS 3.2 already had it. Unfortunately, this is not the case.