40% of All Norwegians are Active on Facebook Every Month

norwayflagWith over 250 million active users around the world and counting, Facebook continues to have particularly great success in Scandinavia.

While Facebook surpassed the 2 million monthly active user mark in Sweden and Denmark earlier this year, it has just crossed 2 million active users in Norway as well. With nearly 42% of the national population active on Facebook each month, Norway now trails only Iceland in terms of overall Facebook penetration.

The incredible number should be no surprise, as Norway has traditionally been an early adopter of social media. While there are a number of popular social networking sites available to Norwegians (Twitter has been gaining ground, with Norway ranking behind only the U.S. and Canada in total users), no sites have shared success on the scale of Facebook’s.

Overall, Norway is becoming more of a presence in the tech sector, with many internet businesses opening offices in the country in recent years. However, while Facebook’s Norwegian audience has grown by nearly 80% in the last year, it’s likely to reach saturation soon.