4 Virtual Business Card Sites To Check Out

Months ago, I ordered some business cards. And guess what? They’re still sitting in the mailroom. I’m not alone. LifeHacker founder Gina Trapani told the New York Times that actual paper business cards are becoming a rarity, especially at conferences. “I see people exchange Twitter handles, I see people scan each other’s badges,” she said. “But I definitely don’t see people handing out cards anymore.”
So save a tree and make your own virtual business card with one of these four (mostly) free sites.

1. CardCloud
Install the CardCloud app on any cell phone with an internet connection to immediately share your business info with others. No one else in the room has CardCloud? Then email your card directly to a new contact’s inbox. Not sure where you met someone? Check your notes on the meeting and what you tagged as their geolocation. The Amsterdam-based app lets you do both. It also plays nicely with Twitter and Facebook.

2. Hashable
If you haven’t mastered hashtags yet, try this out. Hashable, a social networking app, is all about the hashtag. Think two people should meet? Include #intro, two people’s Twitter handles or email address, and @hashable somewhere in the tweet and Hashable does the rest. You build up your network and also gain hashcreds the more you participate.

3. Contxts
Are you more comfortable with texting than Twitter? Contxts is completely SMS-based and sends your contact info to another person’s cell via text. And these days, who doesn’t have text messaging?

4. DooID

dooid-introduction from per schmitz on Vimeo.
DooID helps you create a social networking business card. Import your contacts from Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and even Hotmail. Show you are especially tech savvy by making a QR code for your contact info. With a paid membership, you can also design your card’s web layout.